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To encourage safe donation in COVID-19 times, The Helpful Kitchen organizes food drives in apartment buildings where residents can donate in a designated drop-off location within a public area of the building. A schedule is set to limit the number of people at any given time and to facilitate social distancing.

NYC apartment buildings are ideal to collect food, with hundreds of residents able to donate without even leaving their building. Plus, our system adheres to COVID guidelines nationwide, so we’ll be able to provide to food pantries even if we face another spike in the virus. That’s what makes our solution effective and sustainable.

Our biggest challenge when brainstorming a food drive program was finding popular locations which were also COVID-safe. When we first thought of apartment buildings, we instantly knew that it could be a tangible solution. Hundreds of residents would be able to donate food without even leaving their building, and the building staff would just have to keep an eye on the donation box. Below is our simple system that we’ve used for hundreds of food drives:

  • Step 1: We find a location that is willing to host a food drive. 

  • Step 2: A member of our team sets up  a donation box in a common area of the building (lobby, mail room, etc.) and multiple flyers around the building.

  • Step 3: The Helpful Kitchen team periodically checks in on the donation box and collects donations as the box fills up. 

  • Step 4: The donations, box, and flyers are collected on an agreed date.

  • Step 5: Donations are given to a local food pantry and are soon after given to the hungry.

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Over the last year and a half, our food drive program has been extremely successful. Although we started in only apartment buildings, we have partnered with grocery store franchises and select schools, so we can broaden our impact while still adhering to local COVID guidelines. We are also increasing the amount of food pantries that we donate to with the goal of providing to as many people as possible.

17,700 pounds
72 Food Drives
8 Food Pantries
Four States
Multiple Volunteers  
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